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贵州快3助手下载安装到手机铃声:Company Profile

  HarmonyLink Group, as a pioneering language & information service provider in internet era, is committed to provide most professional and diversified translation service for customers across the world. The company specializes in providing language-related services including text translation, oral translation, simultaneous interpretation, localization and language training. We are aiming to become the best professional multi-language translator in China.
  Since it was founded, HarmonyLink has been working hard to facilitate communication between China and the world and add value to our customers. HarmonyLink is dedicated to and enthusiastic about translation field and struggling to become the leader of industry. We have nationwide presence boasting 20 branches in five regions: North, East, South, West and Central China. What’s more, we have set up the Overseas Business going abroad to compete with global rivals. We will offer more customers easy access to our high quality and low cost service and stimulate local translation market through competition and cooperation with local translators
  With harmonious corporate culture and friendly colleagueship, HarmonyLink has gathered more than 150 full-time employees as well as more than 1000 excellent specialists as our partners. Our translators and experts have rich work experiences, outstanding language competence, wide spectrum of knowledge and disciplines with high commitment and professionalism. Internal friendship and harmony are the cornerstones to support our steady and continuous growth to stand firmly in the heavily competitive market
  Thanks to “favorable timing, geography and people”, our team with rich knowledge, wisdom and skills will create best value for our customers. Based on true professionalism and scientific procedures, we will bring our customers a pleasant and satisfactory experience of language service so as to fulfill our commitment - “Alliance of talent translators to contribute fine work”.

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